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Welcome to GKB USA

Thanks for visiting GKB USA. We source and provide a wide variety of products sourced locally from various parts of USA, and from countries around the globe for our existing customers.

We do not advertise our services. Although, most of our customers are small and medium sized businesses and enterprises, we do have a few large customers for whom we offer the hassle free services of procuring and providing the products that they ask us to provide.

Since our needs are driven by our customers, the category of the products that we offer varies fairly significantly and do not fall into any specific or special categories.

Currently, we offer various types of products such as Cables, Wires, Foldable Trolley Bags, Foldable Boxes, Special types of stainless steel rods and meshes, special types of Aluminum rods and plates, Aluminum Molding Parts, Alarm Circuit, PCB Board, Handbags & Purses, cut-resistant bicycle locks and cables, other cut-resistant cables made with stainless steel wires, Cosmetics and Stationaries.

We provide quality products at reasonable rate. Our aim is not merely to get the turnover, but also to get total satisfaction of our customers.

“We offer great value for fulfilling the requirements of our customers.”